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This is the Blog from Jose Anglada, industrial designer and jewelry maker. I will post about my design processes: Inputs, drawings, doodles and playful experimentation that leads to the final collections. Also, other important experiences and personal thoughts. Scroll through!

Bold Experiments #3

Josefina Anglada

Berlin, February 2019

The third edition of Bold Experiments Workshop was held at Graumalerei.  

It was the first time I was doing everything by myself, with no collaborator, and I have to say that self-promotion is more difficult than I thought. Still, it was really important to go through all the process: Searching for a place with available dates, promoting through Facebook, selling the tickets through my website and setting up the workshop.   

I went to Graumalerei on Saturday to make the set-up and leave everything ready for the next day. On Sunday, I arrive some minutes before to prepare the last details. The day was gray outside: just perfect for a creative afternoon. 

We worked hard and the results were amazing! Everyone could materialize their ideas into unique pieces of jewelry.


Here are some of the pictures i took during the 4 hours session:

I want to thank all the participants for the hard work!

If you want to get to know about the next Workshop click here for more info and registration.