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This is the Blog from Jose Anglada, industrial designer and jewelry maker. I will post about my design processes: Inputs, drawings, doodles and playful experimentation that leads to the final collections. Also, other important experiences and personal thoughts. Scroll through!

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#Workshopfridays #03

Josefina Anglada

I continue working  on the small collection of earrings inspired by Bauhaus style and esthetics. 

This week, I did more sketches, some quick models with cardboard, and some 3D representations in the computer. Doing physical and digital models is not as fun as seating down in the workshop but it is a lot cheaper and time-saving. It is a necessary step in my design process. 

Why drawing?
I am not tidy when drawing on my sketchbooks, and never been. I take my pencil and make marks on paper. Sometimes trying to express a tridimensional idea I have in my mind, others just designing while I draw. 

Why doing quick models? 
When I do models, it is not my head but my hands that are thinking. I take materials and put them together, try compositions, cut, pin, color, join, reconfigure, reassemble. It is fun and quick. It is cheap and most of the times it can be done with upcycled materials so there is no fear of failing. Indeed, that is what this stage is for: Trying many things out! 

Mistakes are part of the process and sometimes they reveal things I wouldn´t have imagined. By making quick, cheap models I explore thoughts that are unpremeditated and non-linear. 

Why modeling in 3D?
Sometimes 2D representations look a lot nicer than the product will look in reality. 3D modeling is important in the design process because it is realistic, easy and quick. It is like putting out a tridimensional idea from my head and being able to see it straight away exactly as it will look in reality. When working with a client, it is the best way of sharing ideas, as there are no interpretations: a realistic image speaks for itself. 


#Workshopfridays #02

Josefina Anglada

In 2017, I designed a line of jewelry inspired by Bauhaus style having primary colors and elementary shapes at its core. Since then, I have been selling my jewelry at Bauhaus Museum shop in Dessau and Tel Aviv. It is now time for adding new products and continue to grow the collection of minimalist, geometrical, anti-ornamental jewelry.

The following weeks, I will be working on a small collection of earrings to add to my Elementary Collection.

To start, I created a quick yet inspiring Mood Board to get some inspiration: 


I always loved the simplicity of all Bauhaus objects. I will keep that in mind to create jewelry that is simple and yet has an expressive spirit.

I will be sketching and trying things out before coming up with the final designs. I will use different resources and materials to do models and build some silver prototypes. 

I will share the process with you here. 

Some of my sketches:




The Bauhaus logo remided me of some funny characters I was drawing many years ago. I went back to some of my old copybooks and tried to merge the two esthetics in one pair of earrings. This are the prototypes I did:

For a long time I have had this idea of doing jewelry that is partially oxidized. By building a simple device, one can control the height of the oxidation. I designed this modern pair of mismatched earrings and partialy oxidized each of them. This is how the finished prototype looks:

I liked these earrings so much that I already listed them on my Etsy! I will produce them on-demand, specially for you. You can buy them here. I ship worldwide ;)

#Workshopfridays #01

Josefina Anglada


My friend Franca lives in Dessau and today is her birthday. One of the good thing about being a freelancer is we have flexibility and can arrange our schedules to be able to share happy moments also during the week. 

She helped me carry all the materials for my upcoming #boldexperiments workshop and we went for lunch together. After that, we came back to the amazing working space I am working at and as I had all the materials of the workshop with me, I decided I would make my own #boldexperiment. 

I started playing with the materials, and ended up building a brooch that I named "Twisted Gaze". Bold and twisted. 


I liked the final result and I felt like creating a series of colorful audacious brooches. Maybe four of them? I will collect some more materials and references and make of that a future theme for a #workshopfridays session: "Audacious Brooches".

I still need to set some few rules to frame my work in these #workshopfridays sessions. Also, it wouldbe helpful to systematize the way in which I document to share the process and results. 

Learning while doing! That's the whole point of this project.