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This is the Blog from Jose Anglada, industrial designer and jewelry maker. I will post about my design processes: Inputs, drawings, doodles and playful experimentation that leads to the final collections. Also, other important experiences and personal thoughts. Scroll through!

#Workshopfridays #01

Josefina Anglada


My friend Franca lives in Dessau and today is her birthday. One of the good thing about being a freelancer is we have flexibility and can arrange our schedules to be able to share happy moments also during the week. 

She helped me carry all the materials for my upcoming #boldexperiments workshop and we went for lunch together. After that, we came back to the amazing working space I am working at and as I had all the materials of the workshop with me, I decided I would make my own #boldexperiment. 

I started playing with the materials, and ended up building a brooch that I named "Twisted Gaze". Bold and twisted. 


I liked the final result and I felt like creating a series of colorful audacious brooches. Maybe four of them? I will collect some more materials and references and make of that a future theme for a #workshopfridays session: "Audacious Brooches".

I still need to set some few rules to frame my work in these #workshopfridays sessions. Also, it wouldbe helpful to systematize the way in which I document to share the process and results. 

Learning while doing! That's the whole point of this project.