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Necklace Therapy


Necklace Therapy is a fresh, emerging jewelry brand focused on creating unique accessories out of non-precious materials. Each necklace is designed and hand-crafted in Berlin. Josefina, the founder and designer, works from her studio where products are imagined and made by hand. Her work emerges from playful experimentation, combining different materials, colors and textures to create striking designs.

Necklace Therapy’s style is inspired in Berlin's eclectic spirit: geometric yet kitsch, trendy yet intrepid; the brand’s approach is contradictory and vivid. The aim is to create accessories that people will love to wear and that will make them feel good because that is what therapies are for!


Who's doing this?

Josefina Anglada

Necklace Therapy is a side-project of Buenos Aires-born, Berlin-based industrial designer Josefina Anglada.

After working extensively for the fashion industry, she moved to Germany to study a Master in Integrated Design. While preparing her master thesis, she started Necklace Therapy as a rebound effect to her studying and deadline stress. She set to complete the challenge of creating a new necklace every day during one month. Necklaces became her therapy! 

After finishing her Masters, Josefina continued working on Necklace Therapy. Currently, she creates jewelry for Lüva Studio and continues to work with different techniques and materials within the frame of this project that remains as her space of experimentation.

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